Monday, September 29, 2008


Real Salt Lake's new stadium now offically named...

This announcement came today at a press conference held at the stadium site. The event was highlighted by local dignitaries - politicians, RSL representatives, SCP Worldwide representatives, Rio Tinto representatives, Kennecott Copper, and the entire RSL team.

Dave Checkett's spoke about how Kennecott was a very active name when he was a child. He remembered the tallest building in the state being the Kennecott building and going to movies at the Kennecott theater. As he said, this is like coming "full circle" for him.

The most interesting part of the event was the description of how this deal came together. Checketts mentioned that somebody told him that the name of the stadium should be Rio Tinto Stadium, and he said I know but I don't have any contacts there. His friend then informed him that the CEO of Rio Tinto was from Utah, so Checkett's tracked him down and started a discussion. Within 42 days, a deal was put together, and a contract agreed upon.

Real Salt Lake President, Bill Manning continued the story and expressed amazement that all of the details were put together so quickly. He mentioned that 4 RSL players came together at 8am after a game day to meet with Rio Tinto officials and that helped seal the deal. He jokingly referred to Kenny Deuchar telling the Rio Tinto officials about golf in Scotland as being the key to the whole thing.