Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Some Seattle Tips for Newbies

I’m not an expert on Seattle, but here are a couple of things that I do know that may be of use to any of those that are visiting for the first time:

3144686531_e521e2b89a Transportation: Seattle has phenomenal public transportation. If you are flying in, and staying downtown you can take a bus (or even light rail) for a couple of bucks. Doesn't sound glamorous (and it's not), but it's easy, quick and completely painless. A taxi from the airport to downtown is typically $30-$35.

You can use this site to plan your transportation needs. Just remember to have exact change. Also, there is a fare free zone downtown.

Getting Around (in general): the heart of downtown Seattle isn't all that big. You can walk from the Space Needle on the north end to Qwest Field in the south with relative ease (or take public transport).  It’s only a couple of miles.

Food: Whatever you do, don't leave Seattle without sampling the fabulous seafood. I recommend Ivar's, but that’s just my preference. There are other fabulous options as well – here are some ideas.

Seeing the Sights: There's a lot to see in Seattle, but here are a few of my favorites:

  • the Space Needle of course.  I'm a sucker for paying $15 to head to the top of a tall structure, and the SN is no exception.
  • the Aquarium: another thing that I'm a sucker for.  Usually I blame this one on the kids, but they aren't coming along this time.
  • Pike's Place market: nothing quite like this.  Whether it's the fish tossing, the fresh fruits and veggies, or the flowers – it’s surprisingly entertaining.
  • Watching Real Salt Lake win the MLS Cup at Qwest Field.
  • Here are some other sightseeing ideas.