Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RSL HQ's in Seattle

Look for further info coming, but Davy Ratchford from RSL has indicated that RSL will have a HQ in Seattle as a base for RSL fans to gather, and mingle. Below is his post on Big Soccer, regarding the issue:

Keep watching our Facebook, Blog and websites for more information, but we've been working with the Seattle FO and their supporter groups and we will have an RSL HQ up in Seattle at a pub near the stadium. We'll designate this are for info, sign making, window cling distribution, event info and so on.

We've been invited to march in with the seattle supporters from their ususal pioneer square location.This is from the thread on Tickets. Probably better served here.

The FO will be up there on Friday (near the stadium, exact location coming). We are hoping to organize a fan rally up there leading up to the game.

If you have any additional questions please email me at

We've been trying to move on a lot of fronts to get additional tickets from Seattle, assisting barra with the buses, getting HQ details set up and talking with the airlines to open up more flights with better pricing. Some details are still coming.

One other thing. I'll be bringing up a gigantic (40' x 60') RSL Shield. I figured we'll want something up there in section 338 to make our mark