Thursday, August 13, 2009

Practice, Practice, Practice

Attended practice today. The team broke into two groups with one side further dividing into two teams and playing a two-touch game with two small goals on each end. This was pretty interesting to watch as the players were very competitive in this drill.

It was also fun to watch because there were no keepers in this drill so Seitz and Reynish had to play in the field for this. And they actually didn't do too badly. There was an extremely funny moment though as Reynish took Seitz down with a slide tackle.

On the injury front: Robbie Russell appeared to be going at full speed. Yura was also back to practicing with the team, although he had the arm still wrapped, but at least it was out of the sling.

On the other side they were practicing taking shots over practice dummies that created a wall. I didn't focus on this until the very end of practice, and I caught Nick Rimando taking the shots with Fabian Espindola standing in the net with the goalie gloves on.

During the entire practice Coach Kreis was working one-on-one with Robbie Findley and appeared to be focusing on receiving the ball, turning and then finishing.