Friday, August 7, 2009

Practice Observations - Friday Aug 7, 2009

Witnessed practice today for the 3rd time this week. Possibly a new record for me.

This one was short, but sweet as is the usual pre-game ritual. I only saw about half an hour of action, but here are a couple of thoughts:

1) Scrimmage on about a half-sized field. The players seem pretty focused.

2) I noticed a number of the vets shouting instructions to Rachid. They seemed to be interested in helping him get up to speed with where he is expected to be on the field under different situations.

3) Gonzalez still looks like he's a special player to me. He's young and raw in some aspects, but he appears to be fast, likes the ball at his feet, is tenacious, and can cross the ball. He is extremely short, however. Shorter than Javi. More like the height of Rafa Cox.

4) From my interview with Gonzalez, it sounds like his staying is a done deal, with the exception of "the paperwork". Not sure if that is visa application, contract or both. I have not confirmed this with the team.