Friday, August 7, 2009

Brief Interview with Nelson Gonzalez


On his thoughts on joining RSL:

Very positive thoughts. I just want to do my best to help the team, and I’m happy to be here.

On whether or not he feels confident that he’ll be with the team for the rest of the year:

I’m just hoping to get the papers done soon. I’m excited to sign for the club. I’m hoping everything goes well.

On Major League Soccer:

It’s a very dynamic game. A very competitive league. I knew a little bit about it. I’m excited to be here. They are really pushing, and it’s nice to be where they are really pushing to grow the league.

On his soccer background:

I’m 20 years old, but I’ve been able to play a couple of years with Quilmes in Premier Division in Argentina. I’ve played since I was a kid, so it’s really good to be able to grow as a fooball player.

On whether or not he played much with Quilmes first team:

Yes, I played a lot.

On which position he played for Quilmes:

Midfield – either left or in the center.

On the type of player he is:

I feel like I’m a very fast player. I try to have a very good touch, and not miss a lot of balls. I’m excited to play in the midfield with Fabian upfront – to be able to hold the midfield and give him some really good balls up front.

On how he thinks he can help RSL:

I think along with Javier Morales my goal is to really hold the midfield together. We are playing really fast, and moving the ball really quick, but it’s a job of the midfield to really hold the midfield together, make sure that we are keeping the pace right, and give good balls to the rest of the team.