Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thoughts on Campos

Campos saw his first action with RSL in practice today. They had a short practice as is the norm for day before game. And the attacking players all just spent time delivering passes and finishing in the box. However, Kreis said his first impression of Campos' finishing ability was very, very good.

Kreis also said that while Campos is a big guy and will play a center forward role, don't expect him to be your typical big target forward. He mentioned that with guys that size you typically expect them to be a bit clumsy, but not so with Campos. Kreis also stated that he doesn't expect to change the style of play with his arrival. He mentioned that Campos can work with "combination play" and has "good footwork". He also emphasized that Campos "is not Kenny Deuchar".

Campos mentioned that he was "very surprised" with the trade, and found out yesterday morning as he was getting ready for practice. He also mentioned that from a personal standpoint San Jose wasn't a good fit because he is used to playing with a playmaker in the middle who can get him the ball.

It's expected that Campos will be available for duty tomorrow against Columbus. Whether he'll play or not is uncertain.