Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Keepin’ It Real with Yura Movsisyan


I chatted with Yura Movsisyan and we talked about missed chances against Seattle, and the match ahead.


KIR/Dnews: Do you feel more pressure on you to score goals this year?

Movsisyan: Obviously we knew that there was going to be more pressure than last year, but personally I feel fit and I feel good confidence-wise so it should be a good year. 

KIR/Dnews: What do you feel you need to do to get the first goal of the season? 

Movsisyan: Just relax, relax and it will come.  I feel like the less that you think about it, and the more that you just let it happen it will come quicker.

KIR/Dnews: How excited are you to be back here at Rio Tinto?

Movsisyan: Very, very excited.  We’ve got a beautiful stadium and good fans.  I don’t think we could ask for anything more.

KIR: When you were going in on Keller for that shot in the second half, what was your thinking on that play?

Movsisyan: I did want to go low, on the ground.  He did an unbelievable job of closing me down early and just sort of just giving me one option.  But I was fighting my way through it, and I was trying to stay balanced because the guy was on my back.  But he did a good job of just going low and not letting me go through his legs.

KIR: It looked like you went the right direction with it, but he just caught it with his legs?

Movsisyan: Yeah, Keller is a very experienced goalkeeper so he did a really good job of just giving me one option.  I could have chipped him but it was a really tough angle because he was too close and a guy was on my back. 

KIR: Any thoughts on Columbus and what you might do to break free in that game?

Movsisyan: Just use our opportunities.  We’re going to get opportunities, and it’s just a matter of how focused we’re gonna be in front of goal.  In the Seattle game we only had 3 or 4 chances.  It will be at home, we’ll have more chances so we’ve just got to be focused and put it away.