Sunday, April 12, 2009

Espy’s Return? Escalada Staying? Further Roster Adjustments Coming?

One thing that may have been overlooked with last nights news from James Edward of Espindola's return is that of roster spots. Each team is allowed a maximum of 20 senior roster spots and 4 developmental spots. As you can see with Escalada included RSL already has the maximum allotment of 20 roster spots. It does have two vacant developmental spots with Nimo’s loan, but that would be irrelevant for a player like Espy who would require a senior spot.

So what are the options?

  • Escalada’s contract could be a developmental contract. With Edward’s wording, “but that deal was restructured to allow us to bring in another player” this is a possibility, but instead I assume that this was talking about the salary cap amount.
  • Another player could be "moved" into a developmental deal. Most likely Cox.
  • RSL could trade a player, but I think that is probably the lowest likely possibility.
  • RSL could release a player. My guess would be Nunez would be the most likely option.
  • RSL could place another player, like Nunez, on loan with a USL team. Gut instinct tells me that this is a good possibility.

Here is the roster as it currently stands:

77 Andy Williams M 9/23/1977 Canada S 11 Sr
17 Chris Wingert D 6/16/1982 USA S 5 Sr
84 Clint Mathis F-M 11/25/1976 USA S 10 Sr
33 David Horst D 10/25/1985 USA S 1 Sr
13 Ian Joy D 7/14/1981 USA S 1 Sr
4 Jamison Olave D 4/21/1981 Colombia SI 1 Sr
11 Javier Morales M 1/10/1980 Argentina SI 2 Sr
12 Jean Alexandre M 8/24/1986 Haiti S 0 Sr
5 Kyle Beckerman M 4/23/1982 USA S 9 Sr
24 Kyle Reynish GK 11/3/1983 USA S 0 Sr
22 Luis Miguel Escalada F 2/27/1986 Argentina SI 0 Sr
6 Nat Borchers D 4/13/1981 USA S 4 Sr
20 Ned Grabavoy M 7/1/1983 USA S 5 Sr
18 Nick Rimando GK 6/17/1979 USA S 9 Sr
23 Raphael Cox M 7/7/1986 USA S 0 Sr
10 Robbie Findley F 8/4/1985 USA S 2 Sr
3 Robbie Russell D-M 7/16/1979 Ghana S 1 Sr
25 Tino Nunez F 8/22/1984 USA S 1 Sr
8 Will Johnson M 1/21/1987 Canada S 2 Sr
14 Yura Movsisyan F 8/2/1987 USSR S 3 Sr


7 Alex Nimo F-M 3/21/1990 Liberia D/GA 0 Dev
1 Chris Seitz GK 3/12/1987 USA D/GA 1 Dev
2 Tony Beltran D 10/11/1987 USA D/GA 1 Dev


I will try to find answers to these questions on Monday. With the transfer window closing on Wednesday I am sure that we will know soon enough.