Sunday, April 12, 2009

Escalada Stays, Espindola Returns

James Edward is reporting that Luis Escalada will indeed be signed for the remainder of the year prior to the April 15th contract decision date. Not a surprise as word from the organization in recent weeks has been that they like what they have seen.

The surprise however comes at the news that another striker will be joining the club. Edward is reporting that striker will be none other than Fabian Espindola who will rejoin the club after his recent sojourn to Venezuela. Of course, if you are a regular reader of Keepin' It Real you knew that we had first discovered this as a possibility back in January. I'm glad to hear that it's really going to happen.

If both of these do indeed get finalized next week, and Ian Joy and Robbie Russell return to the pitch soon this becomes a pretty stacked club. Many of us questioned the club's direction during the offseason, but with the early quality (and somewhat unexpected) performances of Mathis and Findley, and with Espindolas reported return the team appears to have the attacking quality that some of us feared they would lack.

What are your thoughts on this development?