Saturday, April 25, 2009

Espindola Updates

Look for some thoughts on tonight's historic match a little bit later, but I thought I'd pass along two tidbits related to Espindola's arrival:

1) according to Garth Lagerwey there is a decent chance that he could arrive before the Colorado match (next Saturday), but of course he wouldn't play in that match without having some training time with the team.

2) KIR has learned that loaning a player to a USL side DOES NOT provide roster spot relief. Therefore, Alex Nimo's loan does not free up a spot potentially allowing RSL to move another player down to a developmental spot. That also means that loaning another player to a USL team would not free up a spot for Espindola. With the quality of RSL's roster from top-to-bottom and various teams with needs around the league it's unlikely that the team will simply release a player. Look for a trade to occur in the next week or so.