Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tallying Up RSL's Offseason Moves

With today's acquisition of Ned Grabovoy and the signings of Raphael Cox and Luis Escalada, I thought I'd tally up the player movement for RSL this offseason. Here it is, let me know if I missed anything:

  1. Luis Escalada (est. $60K - $90K)
  2. Ned Grabavoy ($90K)
  3. Jean Alexandre (est. $40K)
  4. Raphael Cox (est. $30K)


  1. Dema Kovalenko ($200K)
  2. Kenny Deuchar ($135K)
  3. Fabian Espindola ($75K)
  4. Nate Sturgis ($75K)
  5. Nik Besagno (Gen Ad)
  6. Brennan Tennelle ($13K)
  7. Kevin Reiman ($13K)
  8. Kenny Cutler ($36K)
  9. Dustin Kirby ($18K)

I think it's safe to say these moves reflect the reduction in roster spots (4 less spots), and the tightening salary cap caused by the Morales/Olave buyouts and the extension (and presumable raise for Chris Wingert).