Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Additional Camp Notes

A couple of items I forgot to mention:

RSL tried to trade for Grabavoy recently, but were excited that they were able to pick him up free through waivers instead. Part of Grabavoy's appeal is his versatility. With the limited roster spots, it's important to have versatility to get the most out of your roster.

No word on the 3rd keeper spot. Right now if we kept all 4 keepers we'd have a completely full roster. Obviously this won't happen. I'm still guessing we'll keep Steve Clark in a developmental roster spot which would leave an open senior roster spot (for El Khalifi?). In addition, Clark was practicing today with Rimando and Seitz. Kyle Reynish was on the sideline working with Nunez who is rehabbing his knee. Not sure of the reason for this, but it does add to the speculation that Clark will win the spot.