Saturday, March 7, 2009

Salary Cap Analysis


Alexandre Jean M $ 34,000
Beckerman Kyle M $ 160,650
Borchers Nat  D $ 130,000
Findley Robert F $ 60,060
Grabavoy Ned M $ 100,000
Horst David  D $ 34,000
Johnson Will M $ 51,200
Joy Ian   D $ 126,000
Mathis Clint M $ 115,000
Morales Javier M $ 150,000
Movsisyan Yura  F $ 60,582
Nunez Tino  F $ 34,000
Olave Jamison D $ 157,500
Reynish Kyle GK $ 34,000
Rimando Nick GK $ 105,000
Russell Robbie M $ 97,583
Williams Andy M $ 84,000
Wingert Chris D $ 80,000
Total Cap Hit From Salaries   $ 1,613,576


No Affect on Cap

Beltran Anthony D $ 70,000.00
Nimo Alex M $ 70,000.00
Seitz Chris GK $ 75,000.00

I don’t believe that the current cap amount has been published but it is believed to either be the same as last season ($2.3M) or a slight increase ($2.4M).  Based on salaries of current players alone this would indicate that there is approx $700K in available cap space.  However, we really don’t have all of the facts that impact the cap.


  • Loan buyout costs for Olave
  • Loan buyout costs for Morales
  • The amount of Raphael Cox’s deal (likely $34K)
  • The amount of Escalada’s agreement (before and after increase)
  • The amount of Wingert’s new deal (I believe the amount above is prior to his extension)
  • Buyout of Deuchar’s contract
  • Allocation money used to offset Morales and Olave buyout

Here is what I do know:

  • Escalada signed to a minimal contract until Apr 15th (probably $40K or so).  If he continues with the team this will increase dramatically.  I am guessing $100K - $150K.
  • If Escalada stays past April 15th, there may need to be a salary reduced or a player cut.  This means that we are close to the $2.3M cap number, or in other words the cumulative affect of the unknowns above must be around $600K - $700K.  WOW!
  • The Grabavoy signing may make a signing of El Khalifi a pipe dream at this point or may require another roster adjustment.

Good Values

  • Will Johnson: at $51K he is likely the best value on the roster.  He just signed with the team, but a great year this year will put a lot of pressure on the team to deal with him from a financial point. 
  • Yura Movsisyan: if Yura can follow up this season with performances like those he contributed at the end of 2008, then his $60K will be another great value.  Yura is in the final season of his contract, so a good year could really pay off for him.