Saturday, March 14, 2009

Charleston Practice Pics: Sat March 14, 2009

The team had a short practice with mostly younger players participating as the “starters” will likely be seeing time in the match later today. They worked primarily on short passing, and quick decision-making.

These drills seemed to expose some of the limitations of trialist Joe Zewe whose first touch sometimes betrayed him, and his movement of the ball seemed just a touch slow. He is a big, physical striker, but technical ability is probably not his strength.

They seemed to highlight the abilities of others such as “Rafa” Cox, Andy Williams and Luis Escalada who appeared to have better touch on the ball and made sound, quick decisions.

After the practice completed, the coaching staff spent some time working with rookie Jean Alexandre. They worked with the youngster on sealing off the opponent and then distributing the ball at various distances.

Ian Joy did not participate in the practice, but spent some time loosening up, and did some running. I’m not sure if he is expected to be available for the match tonight or not.


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