Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Word About Advertising

As you may notice, there will be some limited advertising on Keepin' It Real. This is a step that we take very reluctantly and have tried to avoid. The purpose of this is not to make money to put in our pocket, but instead to cover our costs and expand our coverage. We will use any proceeds to offset costs of domain, media accounts, etc. If there are additional proceeds we will use these either for equipment or to offset travel costs in order to bring you coverage. We expect the proceeds to be modest, but if they were enough to at least partially offset the costs of travel to say the Charleston tournament, we'd love to be there to provide you updates.

We will be fine tuning the advertisements themselves and the placement over the next little while, so if you have any thoughts please share. Our goal will be to find a way to make these unobtrusive and effective.

Of course if you see an ad that interests you, please feel free to click on it.