Thursday, February 5, 2009

International Roster Spots

RSL has two players officially on the roster currently taking up international slots: Jamison Olave and Javier Morales. The team has a total of 7 international spots available through the end of the 2009 season. This leaves 5 spots potentially available for international players. The team could use all of these spots or they may keep at least one in reserve in case they wanted to make a move during the summer transfer window. As of right now the team currently has 6 international players vying for spots:

  • Luis Miguel Escalada (Striker, Argentina) - reported to be in the process of signing a contract

  • Alexander Viveros (Defender/Midfielder, Colombia) - former teammate of Olave

  • Kennedy Owusu-Ansah (Defender/Midfielder, Canada) - Canadian YNT teammate of Will Johnson

  • Rachid El-Khalifi (Midfielder/Striker, Netherlands/Morroco) - Currently under contract w/ SC Cambuur in Dutch 2nd Division

  • Jorginho Paulista (Defender/Midfielder, Brazil) - Strong international resume

  • Futhi Bhembe (Striker, Swaziland) - 3rd in NCAA in scoring last season

What are your thoughts? Does the team use all of its spots? Which of these players makes the cut?

Keep in mind that the salary cap is another important constraint. In the next day or so we'll try to take a look at the knowns and unknowns of RSL's current salary cap status.