Sunday, February 8, 2009

Updates on Fusion/RSL match ***UPDATED***

Here is a quick first half update from someone at the match:

First half was pretty equal. Luis miguel is out of shape! Jorginho looked ok. Kennedy was outside right. He looked good. He came in from hertha and is a Canadian international. Everyone still trying to get there touch back. Whole new squad for second half.

I hope to get some more feedback after the game.

EDIT: Luis Escalada/Luis Tejada? Maybe it's the name.

UPDATE: Second Half Lineup (from Behind the Shield)
GK - Kyle Reynish; DF - David Hertel, Jamison Olave, Ian Joy, Raphael Cox; MF - Will Johnson, Jean Alexandre, Alexander Viveros, Rachid El-Khalifi; FW - Robbie Findley, Tino Nunez

Yes game is over and ended in a 0-0 draw. JK was pissed off to say the least! RSL also pulled the plug on our local internet feed. They looked terrible! I couldn't name too many who looked even half way decent. The two who stuck out for RSL was Will Johnson and Robbie Findley. They played the second half (spilt squads). Olave looked like crap and made several mistakes in the back that Fusion should have capitalized on. Only Will's shot in the seconds was the closest shot on goal that our Goalie (who got waved from Galaxy) made a nice save! A lot of messy play from RSL, wasn't pretty to watch?

As far as Moyses, he played second half and is still hurt. Only lasted about 25 mins. On one of Olave's mistakes he almost capitalized but hit the post and they called him offside. He has a long way to go but shows potential. Most likely he will play PDL with us.