Monday, February 16, 2009

Thoughts on Jean Carlos "Nico" Solorzano

Here are a few thoughts on Jean Carlos Solorzano from Alajuelense fans. The Costa Rican striker is reportedly scheduled to join Real Salt Lake for a trial in Florida beginning February 18th.



”Answering your questions, can tell you that Jean Carlo is a very fast player. In his first games he was way too fast and without good control of the ball, but in the last two short tournaments he has improved this a lot, having a way better handling of the ball and keeping his speed. He fights for every ball, runs a lot, very good stamina, those are his characteristics. What type of striker he is?, I would say a mix of opportunist with fast penetration towards the goal, and good shot. This will be his first international experience so if he can manage that, you will have an excellente striker that we will sure miss a lot. Hope you can welcome him very well.”


“He is really fast! I must say that he is not that strong, but he can run. He is also a warrior on the field. He never stops running and fighting for the team. It is a young player, and he is just starting in his career, but everyone make good comments about his attitude and speed.”


“I think he can play very well with a classic "9". Solorzano is fast, so he can open spaces and make some good crosses to another forward.”


“He is extremely quick and persistent. His pace is outstanding. He has scored a couple of header goals, but he mostly dribbles defenders to score. I'm not sure if he is ready to go to a foreign team yet b/ of his age but you never know what might happen. Personally I would compare his pace to Adebayor's and his style of scoring to Luis Fabiano's ( I guess...). He is a well rounded player and I'm sure that if he ends up staying in Utah the fans (there) will be very pleased.
On regard to his contract, I know that he just signed a 2 year extension with Alajuela, so if your team ends up wanting to keep him, they are going to have to pay us a transfer fee.“

"well let me tell you some characteristics about solorzano he`s fast,and as pache said, he`s so quick and persistent. I think that solorzano It`s a good player i hope that he can stay with your team,and make a lot of goals. Maybe I would compare with thierry henry(maybe!!!!) in his running style. I think that if your team want solorzano services, they have to pay us for the transfer!!!!"


"Solorzano is a good player, but he still needs to be polished. He is really fast and has a lot of heart. You can expect him to give it his all and a little more every game.

His shooting technique is good, heading technique is decent and dribbling skills are OK. If he could find a way to control his dribbling with his speed, he could become extremely dangerous.

He is at his best on the open field, taking the ball from just a little after midfield, instead of receiving it with his back to the goal. His quickness helps him to always be near any dangerous crosses his teammates may produce. I do believe he can perform better as a second forward and not as a pure striker.

At the moment, he is a good player with very interesting qualities. After all, he has been a starter on all youth national teams. If he can develop those qualities even further, it should make for an excellent forward."