Monday, February 2, 2009

RSL Roster Spots: By The Numbers

I thought I'd take a look at the current roster as it stands and speculate on what I think will happen. Obviously it's too early in the preseason to have a real good outlook, so we'll try to update this as the camp progresses. To begin with let's look at the current roster and camp invitees.

Current Roster

1. GK: Rimando, Nick (#18)
2. GK: Reynish, Kyle (#24)
3. D: Wingert, Chris (#17)
4. D: Joy, Ian (#13)
5. D: Borchers, Nat (#6)
6. D: Olave, Jamison (#22) Int'l, Colombia
7. D: Horst, David (#33)
8. D/M: Russell, Robbie (#3)
9. M: Beckerman, Kyle (#5)
10. M: Morales, Javier (#11) Int'l, Argentina
11. M: Williams, Andy (#77)
12. M: Johnson, Will (#8)
13. M: Mathis, Clint (#84)
14. F: Findley, Robbie (#10)
15. F: Movsisyan, Yura (#14)
16. F: Nunez, Tino (#25)
17. GK: Seitz, Chris (#1) GA
18. D/M: Beltran, Tony (#2) GA
19. M/F: Nimo, Alex (#7) GA
20. M: Tennelle, Brennan (#29)
21. M: Reiman, Kevin (#26)

22. M: Alexandre, Jean
23. F: Cox, Raphael
24. F: Bhembe, Futhi
25. F: Escalada, Luis Miguel (Argentinian)
26. D/M: Viveros, Alexander (Colombian)
27. D/M: Owusu-Ansah, Kennedy (Canadian)
28. M/F: El Khalifi, Rachid (Dutch/Moroccan)

As you can see there are currently 28 players in the mix. With a maximum roster size of 24 players, that means that at least 4 of these players will not make the team. So who will they be? Let's start by picking out the players that will definitely make the team:

Sure Things

  1. GK: Rimando, Nick (#18)
  2. D: Wingert, Chris (#17)
  3. D: Joy, Ian (#13)
  4. D: Borchers, Nat (#6)
  5. D: Olave, Jamison (#22)
  6. D/M: Russell, Robbie (#3)
  7. M: Beckerman, Kyle (#5)
  8. M: Morales, Javier (#11)
  9. M: Williams, Andy (#77)
  10. M: Johnson, Will (#8)
  11. M: Mathis, Clint (#84)
  12. F: Findley, Robbie (#10)
  13. F: Movsisyan, Yura (#14)
  14. GK: Seitz, Chris (#1) GA
  15. D/M: Beltran, Tony (#2) GA
  16. F: Escalada, Luis Miguel (Argentinian)
Aside from the 16 "Sure Things" there are several players that will likely make the team. I believe that Horst and Nimo have the edge and the coaching staff seems to like their raw ability. In addition, since Alexandre was a first round pick I think it's unlikely that he won't make the team.

  1. D: Horst, David (#33)
  2. M/F: Nimo, Alex (#7) GA
  3. M: Alexandre, Jean

With the two previous categories we have 19 of the 24 players accounted for. That leaves 5 spots, and 9 players vying for those spots. So who will it be?


  1. M/F: El Khalifi, Rachid
  2. D/M: Viveros, Alexander
  3. D/M: Owusu-Ansah, Kennedy
  4. GK: Reynish, Kyle (#24)
  5. F: Nunez, Tino (#25)
  6. M: Tennelle, Brennan (#29)
  7. M: Reiman, Kevin (#26)
  8. F: Cox, Raphael
  9. F: Bhembe, Futhi
From the list above, I think that El Khalifi, Viveros, and Owusu-Ansah would be likely to earn a spot if they wanted it. However, it's likely that one or more of these situations wouldn't work out (coming in out-of-shape, salary demands, etc.) However, since we don't have that info, let's assume that all 3 make the team.

After that I think Reynish is likely because of the need for a 3rd keeper. That would leave one spot remaining out of 5 players: Nunez, Tennelle, Reiman, Cox, Bhembe. This is where it becomes tough. Nunez was the only player that played with the senior team last season. Tennelle and Reiman are returning players. Bhembe has some good credentials as one of the leading scorers in college soccer this past season. However, my money would be on Cox. Why? Because of his speed, and the fact that he is a left-sided player.

Obviously, a lot could (and probably will) change between now and the start of the season. One or more of the incoming trialists may find a better opportunity, or may not work out. More trialists or acquisitions could also happen in the next few weeks. There is also always the possibility of a trade involving existing players.

What are your thoughts?