Sunday, February 1, 2009

Other Camp Notes

Nothing tremendously noteworthy about today's practice. They broke into two groups, one group going through drills while the other group did strength training, then they switched.

Nobody did anything spectacular in either a positive or a negative manner, however there were two young players who were noticeable:
  • Brennan Tennelle - To be honest, he didn't impress me much in training or in reserve play last season. However, he appears to be serious about this season. He's very thin, but extremely strong. He was going after every ball and showed hustle that lacked in some of the other players.
  • David Horst - Had some good moments in drills, but what stood out was his leadership. He seemed to take the rookies under his wing and was very vocal in coaching them during the drills.
Many of the headline names were on light duty including Morales, Movsisyan, Findley, Mathis, and Russell. Of course Russell is coming off of surgery. I know that Findley picked up a bump or two during his trial with Brondby, and Movsisyan seemed to be complaining of some pain. I'm not sure if Mathis or Morales were injured or just kept out of the action because of their veteran status.

No sign of Olave, Viveros, Owusu-Ansah or El Khalifi but all are reported to be joining them in California as the team departs tomorrow morning.