Sunday, January 25, 2009

Robbie Findley Making a Case for Brondby


Robbie Findley is trying to make Garth Lagerway's job a bit more challenging. You see, with the offseason departures of forwards Kenny Deuchar and Fabian Espindola, there is already pressure on Lagerway to find other attacking options to Yura Movsisyan and Robbie Findley.

Meanwhile Findley, 23, is currently on trial at Brondby in Denmark and made a strong case in today's scrimmage against Frem. He scored a brace and assisted on a 3rd goal. He was expected to come back to Utah after this match. Will Brondby ask him to say? I expect we'll find out within the next couple of days.

Below is a google translation of a match report courtesy of

Around 300 spectators were now witnessing Brøndbys 4 to 0 victory over Forward. American Findley scored two goals and delivered a good effort.

Some chose to spend Sunday morning on runway 26 at Manchester, where the cold and clear air made many skuttede themselves. Among the spectators was found among other former Brøndby-coaches Tom Køhlert and Henrik Jensen, but Morten "molle" Rasmussen had taken a trip to the lanes, where he has throughout the course and trained.

Thomas Rasmussen, Michael Krohn-Delhi, Mikkel Bischoff and Morten 'Duncan' Rasmussen was also present as spectators and they could see the following 11 players to start inside:

Michael Tørnes

Daniel Was - Pierre Kanstrup - Jacob Berthelsen - Joseph Elanga

Stefan Gislason

Mike Jensen - Jan Kristiansen

Kasper Lorentzen

Robbie Findley - David Wiliam

Forward coach currently kunststofbaner and træningskamp was the first match on grass for the visitors from Valby. This appeared clearly in the beginning of the battle where Brøndby came to light several chances.

After five minutes of play was David Williams so only through and he put the ball safely back into the chance resolve Forward-keeper for 1-0.

Generally creamy played very well and it was also to many beautiful combinations, one of them resulted in the Williams a few minutes after his føringsmål had the opportunity to double his score, but his attempt past the smoke near post.
Fine performances of Kanstrup and Elanga

Above were only a few times on visits to Broendby defense and it was never the big chances. In defense Elanga delivered an excellent performance on the left Backen, where he was well into the building game. Young Pierre Kanstrup was also excellent and showed fine understanding games while he seemed more calm with the ball than previously seen.

Was Daniel got his breakthrough in 2008 and the attack eager back will certainly exploit Randrups absence to secure a permanent job as højreback. Towards Forward he went well until he was the man behind Robbie Findleys goal after 20 minutes. Beautiful opspil and secure clearance from 175 centimeters high American.

Findley was not done to show up and just four minutes after he sent the ball back in the box. This time was a post from the edge beautifully cut in goal.
Dampen smoke of boilers

The second half was not nearly as Target and pace smoke out of the fight because of the many changes involved in these træningskampe.

That meant the dual goal Findley was allowed to go into recess for Mustafa Hassan. Stephan Andersen replaced Michael Tørnes in the cage from the second half started. Besides it was an energetic Jan Kristiansen replaced by Tobias Mikkelsen.

Tobias Mikkelsen who delivered a fine performance and seemed sharp in his driblinger and delivery.

Brøndby came not as many chances as was the case in the battle starts. But there was more good shot attempts and Mustafa Hassan was among the second close to goal but saw his attempt smoking close by post.
Agger on the board

Daniel Was had slipped on the attack and had a nice breakthrough at the edge awarded a penalty when the promotion defense had to resort to illegal methods to stop Brøndbys young højreback.

Indskiftede Nicolaj Agger was allowed to execute and he lived up to the trust by putting it safely into the right of the goalkeeper.

A steady performance by Brøndby in a match which was actually settled in the first half hour. The next task for Brøndby is a trip across the Sound of Helsingborg accepting the fight on Saturday.