Monday, January 26, 2009

Interview with Robbie Findley

Again, courtesy of below is an interview with Robbie Findley translated via Google's automated translator. In addition, I received word from 90minutter contributor, Bruun, that "I don't think Brøndby will sign Findley. He is 1,75 and we need a big targetman. We already have three small and fast strikers." I guess we'll all have to wait and see if anything develops.

Here is the interview:

The last few days there have been visits to the U.S. Vestegnen and although
it is not Barack Obama can also make it smaller. Robert Findley earn his daily
wages in Real Salt Lake, but has trained with Manchester in the past week.

Since met the målfarlige attack, he had just scored two goals
in training fight against Rather. The two beautiful boxes were not enough to
heat American who froze in the cold English winter.

- It's cold, ha ha! I've played four years in college in Oregon, so I
am however used to it. It rained the whole time and it was as cold as

How does the English style of play you? - Where I come from, we
usually play with long balls toward the attackers. I can see that they like to
play the ball a lot more along the ground. The technical aspect is clearly
something I need to improve if I have to do me in Europe.

- I can feel that there is a more technical game than in the U.S.,
and they also have a lot more physics.

What do you expect to stay in Manchester? - Actually not so much, but it
has been a good experience. I came here to get some training in the winter break
and a little sniff of European football. Now I come nose home to Real Salt Lake,
where we next week starts season start.

The target is Europe
Would you consider signing of any contract? - I can probably not answer
right now. Perhaps in the future. Right now I am under contract in the U.S., and
it takes me to. But I have certainly enjoyed my stay here.

What are your ambitions for the future? - At one point I would like to take
hold in Europe. Right now I am thinking only to get back to gutterne in the
U.S., and do it well there.

You are so far mostly been used as a wildcard in Salt Lake City. Are you
satisfied with the role? - Tjaa, let us now see what happens. We have divided us
for a few attackers, so the situation looks a little different now. I will
certainly fight the best I've learned and I hope in a stock room.

You have two cousins who play in the NBA (Mike Bibby, Atlanta Hawks) and
NFL (Shaun McDonald, Detroit Lions). Would not it be nice to be the first who
passed in a proper sport? - Ha ha! I think now that MLS (U.S. fodboldliga, Ed.)
Is a good league, but it is clear that a breakthrough in Europe would be fat,
ending forwarden of.