Friday, September 26, 2008

Stadium/Practice pics and notes

A Few Tidbits from Practice

  • The pitch seems to be fairly narrow as marked. This is probably a good thing for our team this year.
  • I was surprised at how far away from the field of play the front rows will be. Of course this is partially related to how we have sized the field.
  • Related to this, I understand that the footings for the goals were misplaced, leaving the field a little bit shorter than intended. It's possible that after these two games they may dig them up and replace them.
  • Seats are all in now, they were working on the last row in the South end-zone and the last few leather "Club" seats, and the installer insisted they'd be done by the end of the day (meaning now).
  • First game is expected to officially sell out this weekend. Less than 1,500 seats currently available.
  • Layton Construction will purchase a large number of seats for the first game in the South end for the workers who have helped on the project.
  • First mishap in the stadium, as somehow the glass on the window from the announcers booth got cracked (see pic below).
  • See separate post on stadium naming.