Monday, August 4, 2008

Practice Update and Photos

(my pathetic attempt to emulate RSLBoz)

Some practice notes:

  • Sturgis was at practice but only stretching

  • Word is that Kreis intends to practice the team during the middle of the day over the next couple of weeks to emulate the Houston heat

  • Practice went nearly 2 hours today and was very intense.

  • 4 "trialists" today. One was Adam "dont call me Borgetti" Acosta. At least two of the others were local players: 1 was 18 year old Kip Critchlow, the other was a 21 year old with the name of Jansen. I think his first name is Mike. No word on the other trialist.

  • Olave, Morales, Nimo and Mantilla were all absent.

  • Rumor is that most media types boycotted practice in favor of a James Edward arranged golf outing.

Kip Critchlow --------------------------------------someday named Jansen--------

Yura the victim of an Ian Joy pantsing ---------------------------------------------unknown trialist----------------------------