Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Potential Acquisition updates

Word on the street is that Real Salt Lake expects to complete a deal to acquire Clint Mathis as has been reported by Steven Goff in the Soccer Insider. The same report indicates that the team is in pursuit of an Argentine forward. Keepin' It Real has discovered that the team is also pursuing another South American player.

The team is hopeful that all three will get done, but there are still plenty of details to get done. In order to accomodate these 3 moves the team will need to either release a player or place one of their injured players on the injured reserve (Sturgis?).

Also, these moves are likely behind the recent release of Matias Mantilla who had a base salary of nearly $155K. Apparantly he was one of the two players that each team is allowed on the senior roster who are exempt from the July 1st contract guarantee date.