Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mathis: Good move or bad?

In case you hadn't heard it's been confirmed that Mathis is joining RSL, and could be available for roster selection if his international transfer certificate is received from Greece in time. Kudos to Steven Goff for his coverage of this happening:

*Clint Mathis's agent has confirmed Insider reports that the 31-year-old midfielder-forward signed with RSL today, which means Los Angeles will receive a 2010 third- or fourth-round draft pick from Real depending on how many games Mathis plays next season. He will wear jersey No. 84. His international pass is all that stands between him and the active roster for Saturday's game at Houston.

The question that remains is whether or not this is a good move.

Is he fit? The picture above may be an indicator of that. He's seemingly not approaching a John Daly physique as once feared, but he's not the youngster he once was either. It would be surprising if he came to us 100% match fit for a 90-minute game.

Does he still have quality? After witnessing him in practice for just a few minutes it is obvious that he still has incredible touch and that rocket for a right foot is still very accurate. Is he the Clint Mathis dangerous striker from the USNT days - clearly no. He is most likely a midfielder - either wide ala David Beckham or in a central role to spell Javi Morales or Andy Williams. He could likely help us with his creativity, his passing ability and his deadly shot.

Is he affordable? I have pretty good info indicating that it will be under $100K, but the exact amount is unknown. It would also make sense if it involved some incentive based on his ability to perform and/or make the team next season.

The biggest question? Attitude. If Mathis comes not expecting to be the star, but willing to do whatever it takes to help the team then this could be a very good acquisition. His track record doesn't necessarily support this, but there is some thought that Clint is a changed man and that the organization has made their expectations very clear.

What are your thoughts?