Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FOR REAL: Jamison Olave - PART II

1) What did you do as a youth?
I studied and played football, studied and played more football.

2) What else was there beyond football? There was nothing other than football for me. I focused on football.

3) Who are your favorite footballers? Columbiano Rincon, a very powerful player. Ramiro Cordoba, for his unforgettable speed. Brasilero Dunga.

4) In MLS, who do you see as the best? I respect David Beckham for his ability with the ball.

5) Is it difficult at times to work with the RSL staff?Are there language barriers? Yes, directly it is difficult. I usually have another player translate for me. During practice it is more of an issue. During game time there isn't need for much communication, you go out and do your job, what is expected of you, and that can speak through the language barrier.

6) How is it that you have worked so well with Nat Borchers? We are put together in all of the training sessions and have worked together in the majority of the games. We have a great sense of where each other are through all of these experiences.

7) Do you have a different personality on the field and off? Yes, off the field I am relaxed and easy going. Once I find myself on the field, I find myself with a heightened sense of concentration and passion. I think I'm totally different on the field than off the field.

8) What is your favorite food? From Colombia I like beans, meat, rice, and vegetables. In Colombia, I never ate pizza, it was just boring, but here I've found cheese pizza to be the best thing I've tried so far. It's nothing like the pizza in Colombia. I have no need for toppings.

9) Are we going to see you involved with more set pieces? I will do whatever I can to help the team win.

10) Are you content to just playing a defensive role, or do you like to score goals? The primary goal of a defender is to prevent anyone else from scoring on your own goal. If I get a chance to score, awesome. That's an extra benefit.

11) What is your favorite position on the pitch? I've played everything from goalie, to forward, to marker, to midfielder, and central defense. I enjoy where I'm playing now the most. Central defender.

12) Are there any other sports in your bag of tricks? I played basketball for a while, but football is what I always think about.

13) Do you watch any other sports? Tennis.

14) Where did the nickname "El Goro" (the gorilla) come from? I am huge for soccer and they gave me the nickname after seeing a stuffed animal that bore a slight resemblance. Here I'm Olave, Jami, or Jamison.

Note: If time permits we'll try to translate more of the interview. It was really quite surprising how much time it takes to translate and prepare the interview for print. We also hope to have the full audio file available soon.