Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Update: River Plate IS after Jamison Olave

olave_thumb Yesterday, you heard it first on Keepin’ It Real that River Plate was after Real Salt Lake’s massive defender, Jamison Olave.  I only reluctantly and half-heartedly passed along the rumor because it came from a River Plate message forum AND it mentioned that option as plan D in the River Plate master plan.  Well, either plans A-C didn’t work out, or PLAN OLAVE moved to the top of the list.  Today, two new reports - one out of Argentina, and one out of Colombia - have said that River Plate President is after Olave.

This report from La Nacion in Argentina mentions that Passarella has made an offer for Olave.

While this report from Terra in Colombia mentions that Passarella has seen video of Olave and likes what he sees.  He has recommended the “hiring” of Olave, but says that the final word is in the hands of club manager, Leonardo Astrada.

Once again, Jamison Olave has a contract with Real Salt Lake/MLS through 2012, and any movement for the player would have to be agreed upon by RSL management and would likely involve a significant transfer fee.

I have an inquiry in with the team about this.  I will pass along anything that I find.