Thursday, January 14, 2010

MLS Superdraft 2010: RSL selects…


I’ve been racking my brain over this one.  Last year I felt I at least knew the direction the team would go in, but was surprised as most were by the pick of Jean Alexandre.  This year it’s much more difficult to predict the direction that the team will go in.  Long-term depth is likely the key.  Real Salt Lake is least deep currently at defender, but among the current squad the midfield is the most likely to thin due to a couple of aging players (Mathis, Williams). 

Based on recent conversations with Garth Lagerwey, I would expect RSL to play this one more straight forward (No Jean Alexandre picks from left field), but I would also bet they favor younger players or players with upside.  Think 2013 – that’s what RSL cares about with this pick. 

Here are the latest projections for Real Salt Lake’s #16 pick by several online sources: Kwame Watson-Siriboe, D, UConn

MLS Draft Net: Toni Stahl, M, UConn

Soccer By Ives: Zach Schilawski, F, Wake Forest

WVHooligan: Zach Schilawski, F, Wake Forest

I like the Schilawski pick, but I like his teammate Austin da Luz better.  I’m still doubting that Stahl will fall that far, despite a poor Combine performance.  Watson-Siriboe would be a decent pick, but could be gone. 

A few players that RSL fans should hope are still on the board:

Zach Lloyd: Versatile N. Carolina midfielder.  Unlikely as his stock really rose during the Combine.  Likely top 10, could surprise and be top 5.

Blair Gavin: Akron midfielder.  Generation Adidas status will also likely keep him in the top half of the draft. Likely around #10 spot.

Blair Wiedeman: California forward.  Poor Combine performance could push him our way.  Generation Adidas status would be a nice add.  Likely just out of top 10.

Side note: Ogden Outlaw alum, Nick Cardenas, could be available in the second round for RSL. He’s big, positions himself well, but has slow feet.  Think Nat Borchers.

Who do you think RSL should pick at #16?