Tuesday, December 1, 2009

RSL related news

Three RSL players go under the knife. Did they have a Tuesday 3-for-1 discount at Salt Lake Regional?

“That's what RSL is facing today, as three of its starters are expected to have knee surgery at the Salt Lake Regional Medical Center. Midfielder Javier Morales, defender Jamison Olave and forward Fabian Espindola all are scheduled for repairs on their injuries — though a team spokesman said all are expected to be ready for the start of next season.” SL Trib Blog/Michael C. Lewis

RSL working on contract renewals for 2 of their top players.

“Two of the best players on the team, Findley and Beckerman are entering the final year of their contracts, and will be able to negotiate with other teams starting in June if they do not sign extensions or new deals. That's what forward Yura Movsisyan did last season, ultimately leaving to join Randers FC in Denmark.” Salt Lake Tribune/Michael C. Lewis

RSL assistant coach in demand.

“Add RSL assistant Robin Fraser and at least two Europeans to long list of #DCU coaching candidates” Soccer Insider (Steven Goff) Twitter