Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Real Salt Lake loses out on another Quilmes target

Following yesterday’s news of the Quilmes board rejecting a bid by Real Salt Lake for young forward Enrique Narvay, come reports today that another Quilmes target was being pursued by RSL.  The player?  22-year old attacking midfielder Juan Olivares.  He is reportedly on his way to Everton de Vina del Mar.  A separate report published earlier had him headed either to RSL or to the Chilean club, but it appears that Real Salt Lake lost out on the bid.  There was apparently a $100,000 price tag associated with his transfer.  Did RSL back out because of the price tag, or get outbid by the Chilean team?

In separate news, after voting to reject the bid by RSL for Narvay, the Quilmes board apparently mentioned attempting to make a loan agreement for one of the following players:

  • 22 year-old midfielder Enzo Kalinszki (6’0”, 158 lbs) – from Quilmes youth program
  • 18 year-old forward Adrian Toloza (5’10”,170 lbs): reportedly had a dispute over a new contract - from Quilmes youth program
  • 21 year-old defender Nicholas Romat (5’11”, 180 lbs) – from Quilmes youth program
  • 21 year-old defender Nicholas Elicio (5’11”, 165 lbs) – from Berazategui

It appears that these four players are not part of the plans for Quilmes.  It is unclear if RSL is pursuing any of these players. However, it must be noted that Nicholas Elicio was one of the four players that head coach Jason Kreis was reportedly scouting on a recent visit to Argentina.