Tuesday, November 24, 2009


There has been decent coverage of the RSL win, and I'm not sure if the stations have anything planned for the celebration this afternoon. But it drives me nuts to hear them talking incessantly about rivalry week with this event coming up in a few hours. So my idea is that we all call, text, and email the local radio shows between 4:00 and 5:30 and try to force them to acknowledge RSL. Maybe this will make more people aware of the celebration, and help give RSL some well deserved recognition. Who's with me?

Here is the contact info:

1320 KFAN: Locked on Sports: They'll want to talk about the lousy Jazz team (it does pay their checks I guess) and Rivalry week. Don't Let them!
Salt Lake City: 483-1320
Provo: 470-1320
Ogden: 670-1320
Text the keyword 'KFAN' and then your message to 64636

David Locke: Email HERE
Ben Bagley: Email HERE

1280 The Zone: Monson and Graham: Monson was at the game. He's up for a Real discussion I bet. Graham...not so much.
UTAH COUNTY :: 801-470-1280
SALT LAKE COUNTY :: 801-570-1280
DAVIS COUNTY :: 801-670-1280
TOLL FREE :: 1-866-233-1280
Text "ZONE" and your message to 53318

Email Addresses:
Gordon Monson
Kevin Graham

KALL 700 Sports: Bill & Spence: This is the easy one. I assume they'll be at the stadium, and likely talking RSL anyway (mixed in between other sports discussion). But it doesn't hurt to let them know how you feel.

SALT LAKE COUNTY: 801-570-0700
DAVIS COUNTY: 801-670-0700
TOLL FREE: 1-877-353-0700
TEXT LINE: 29909

Bill Riley: bill@kall700sports.com
Spencer Checketts: spencer@kall700sports.com