Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RSL HQ in Seattle

Courtesy of Trey Fitz-Gerald, RSL Communications, here are the details of RSL's home base in Seattle. Make sure that you stop by.

We have secured a headquarters for RSL in Seattle. We will be meeting at the bar named FX McRory’s, it is directly across the street from the stadium.

I have reserved half of the bar area for us on Saturday night starting at 7:00PM, this area should be able to hold about 150 people, if more folks show up that is fine, I have just set aside an area for us to call home. Families and children are all welcome, but children are not allowed to belly up to the bar. Everyone will be able to order off the full menu, and get their own checks.

They have agreed to allow us to decorate to our hearts content, and we can even set up RSL gear out front. I have the contact information for the maintenance guy who will allow us to come into the bar prior to opening to get things set up. They have 18 foot tall ceilings, so we should be able to get a lot of cool stuff up.

Sunday, the bar opens at 10:00 AM, we could not reserve any area, because it is sports day, so it is just a first come first serve basis, but we will still have all our gear up.