Friday, November 20, 2009

MLS CUP Reading Materials

Some MLS Cup related articles for reading enjoyment:

Seattle: A fine place for a final: MLS Confidential/Ridge Mahoney

RSL owner Checketts gets to MLS Cup his way: MLS Confidential/Ridge Mahoney

MLS Playoffs: MLS Cup Notebook: Beckham Wades Into Ankle Debate Carefully: McCarthy

MLS Playoffs: Friday MLS Forecast: MLS Cup: McCarthy

MLS Playoffs: After Early Stumbles, Real Salt Lake Found Their Way: Bueno, Andrea Canales

Championship would mean just about everything to RSL: SL Tribune/Michael C. Lewis

Title reward not a huge windfall in MLS Cup: SL Tribune/Michael C. Lewis

Friendships put aside for MLS Cup: SL Tribune/Michael C. Lewis

Size matters? Not for spectactular RSL goalkeeper: SL Tribune/Michael C. Lewis

Real Salt Lake: Kreis evolving as a first-time coach: DesNews/James Edward

For Real Salt Lake, being late worked just fine: DesNews/Brad Rock

Real Salt Lake hopes to team up on L.A. stars: DesNews/James Edward