Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beck’s –v- Beck’s


Hey Galaxy, our Beck’s……


  • The Hair


  • The Skills


  • Reggae Music


  • Captain


  • $160,000


…..is better than your Beck’s

Seattle Sounders FC v Los Angeles Galaxy Xe1lJ0ieJD9l


  • The Hair


  • The Skills


  • Tell-all book


  • Ex-Captain


  • $6,500,000


Two stars: one a very understated player among the top American-born players currently playing in Major League Soccer, the other a star of a much different magnitude that has reached the heights of play at the highest level.

Two talents: one a guy with a motor that doesn't quite, the other a player that can bend a ball like no other.

Two personalities: one completely at home in the limelight of Hollywood, the other more at home playing a guitar or chillin’ with his teammates.

Two midfielders: one a roaming right mid reluctant to play both sides, the other a defensive midfielder with the range to get forward.

Two hearts: one dedicated and committed, the other here one day, gone the next.