Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yura’s Move: Recent Updates

A few interesting tidbits I managed to pull up regarding Yura’s January move to Randers.

Interesting blog post by a Randers fan about Yura.

You can run it through Google translator if you wish.

Randers is winless and at the bottom of the table. Relegation looks inevitable.  Can Yura help change things around?

Here is a forum post, which lists Yura as signing a 3-year contract with Randers.  I hadn’t heard that before, or maybe I’d just forgotten about it.  I'm wondering if Yura has a relegation clause in his contract and if he would invoke it, should Randers continue along at the bottom of the league.

Randers manager John Jensen, who appeared excited about Yura's arrival was fired earlier this month.  Will this have an effect on how and how much Yura is used? 

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