Friday, August 21, 2009

Yura Movsisyan Situation

Two interesting developments in the Yura Movsisyan situation:

First: Reports from Randers indicate that they are desperate to bring in an attacking option right away. Apparantly they have a key player, Nygaard, who is injured. They have also started out there season with 1 point in 5 matches. Since their stated goal is at least 5th place in their league, they are falling well behind that target and right now are sitting in the relegation zone.

In reaction to this, the Chairman of the club has authorized the club to spend money to make that happen (bringing in a player) this week. However, I have been unable to get confirmation that they have made any overtures to RSL to try to get Yura ahead of schedule, but I am hearing that they were considering it but actually have three potential targets in sight including an FC Copenhagen striker.

Second: Yesterday morning a source close to the situation had informed me that Yura was kept out of practice, not for injury reasons but apparant discipline reasons. In fact the term that was used was "suspended". I am trying to confirm this.

All of this may explain Will Johnson's reaction when I asked him about Yura's situation. He stated that the pre-contract situation is a bad situation because it's "human nature" to look forward and it creates frustration on both sides.