Monday, August 3, 2009

Practice Today/Gonzalez

I made it to practice today. I typically don't make it out to Monday practice, and found out that all of the starters were on a "regeneration day" and didn't participate. However, it was good to get a chance to see El Khalifi, Campos and Gonzalez see a little more action in practice than they otherwise would.

El Khalifi: looks to be very fit. Coach Kreis agreed. Rachid strikes me as a cerebral player who watches as things develop, gets into the correct position, but lets the game come to him. He gives good effort, but he's not a Will Johnson type that is going to be all over the field.

Campos: Definitely dominant physically out there. He said that he is struggling with the altitude, but feels he'll adjust soon. He re-iterated his prediction that RSL will make the playoffs. Moves well for a big guy, and good with his feet. When will he get a chance to show this off? Who knows, but Kreis hinted at the fact that he may see more time, when he mentioned that Campos is a unique player for RSL, and well suited for the center forward role in the 4-3-3.

Gonzalez: New arrival. Didn't get a chance to chat with him yet. He is NOT signed by the team, but is here for an extended trial to evaluate him. Unlike Campos and El Khalifi, he is a young player and not much of a known commodity. I am not a talent evaluator and it's hard to tell from a short practice, but I thought he looked really good. He was comfortable with the ball, tenacious defensively trying to regain possession. He also put in a couple of really good crosses, and struck the ball extremely well on goal. I like. I hope to get more insight on him tomorrow.