Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thoughts from practice -Thurs July 2nd

First of all, it was hot at practice today. How hot was it you ask? Andy Williams didn't just drop the long sleeves, but he dropped the sleeves altogether.

For most of practice they had a short field scrimmage going on. They had the players for each team on the field and then several players who were out of bounds to keep the ball in play and to serve balls in front of the goal. So it ended up being a fast-paced event.

Javier Morales was practicing and he looked like he was moving pretty well. I didn't ask about his status, but I'd bet he'll play based on what I saw.

There was one noteworthy moment where Nunez and Horst ran into each other with a lot of force. Surprisingly it was Horst who got the short end of the collision.

I managed to talk to Garth Lagerwey about the transfer window and potential for adding a player. He indicated that they do have a roster spot (actually two as there is a new rule allowing roster relief when players are on loan like RSL's Alex Nimo). However, the limitation that the team faces is salary cap space. Apparantly the departure of Escalada did not have much of an impact on this.

According to Lagerwey, they believe that they can add a player that is a complimentary player. He also indicated that the most likely position would be a striker.

Lagerway explained that they will continue to monitor this situation. They are always keeping possibilities open, but as long as they are playing well they are less likely to make a bigger move that would require further roster adjustments. He also mentioned several times that tomorrow's match is a "must win". So it seems like the moves that are made are predicated on the performance of the team.

He hinted at the fact that bigger changes could happen if an opportunity arose or if the team struggled during this next few games with the transfer window open. However, the clear impression was that we should expect the spot to be filled, but with a complimentary piece.

What are your thoughts?