Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Practice Thoughts & Pics




A number of thoughts from practice, including my initial impression of El Khalifi.

First, I was surprised by Robbie Russell being at practice and especially his comment when I asked him if he’s going to be out awhile: “I hope not.”  I’ll try to get clarification on this.

Horst was back.

Campos is really good with his feet for someone his size.

El Khalifi spent first half hour of practice running.  His fitness might be a concern as he has been in the offseason, but he looked fit to my untrained eye.

Rachid then participated in scrimmage.  He played on both right and left wing.  Didn’t get a lot of touches, but had one series with a great first and second touch.

At the end, El Khalifi and others practiced delivering crosses, while Campos finished.  El Khalifi struggled settling the passes from the back, but to be fair they weren’t good passes.  He seemed equally comfortable on both sides.  The passes had pretty good precision, but could have used more pace.

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