Thursday, July 30, 2009

MLS All-Star game roundup

Here is some additional coverage of the All-Star Game:

Match preview: from Kyle McCarthy
Pre-match: fan interviews on anticipation of match
Match re-cap: summary of the game's action
MVP coverage: article about Tim Howard's MVP performance
Analysis: a look back at the ASG action
Reaction: Coaches and players thoughts on the match
Counterattack: debate on whether the current ASG format appropriate
Video: (previous post)

Game recap: summary of the night's action
Keepers: discussion about Keller's unusual re-entry into the ASG
Analysis: Steve Davis, ASG more substance than flash
Notes: focus on the heavy minutes logged by Dynamo players in ASG
Video: tons of pre, during and post game video clips
Photo: photo gallery of the ASG action

Salt Lake Tribune
Primetime Players: Michael C. Lewis' thoughts leading up to the game
Game Recap: all the details of the game action
Thoughts on MLS loss: Kragthorpe's thoughts
MLS notes: insight into the loose ASG rules, and RSL players involvement in the game
Andy Williams: coverage of the saga of wife Marcia, and Williams halftime words
Photos: 1st half images
Photos: 2nd half images

Deseret News
Pregame: thoughts on the role of the game
Match review: A shootout in Sandy
Match Notes: James Edward's tidbits on the ASG
Focus on RSL players: details about the role of Beckerman, Morales, and Johnson
Opinion: Brad Rock's thoughts on soccer in America