Monday, June 22, 2009

RSL Losing Players to Gold Cup Action

With the upcoming Gold Cup tournament set to start on July 3rd, Real Salt Lake will not be immune from losing players to their respective national teams. According to the team they will have the following players departing:

  • Will Johnson who has already left to report to the Canadian National Team (Canada opens the tournament against Jamaica on July 3rd.
  • Jean Alexandre who also has already departed to play with Haiti who plays Honduras on July 4th.
  • Andy Williams who is expected to depart Sunday and will face teammate Will Johnson on the 3rd.
  • Potentially a player to the US team.
The tournament will begin on July 3rd with first round action through the 12th. Quarter final matches take place on the 18th & 19th in Philadelphia and Dallas. Semifinal matches are are on the 23rd in Chicago and the finals are in New York on the 26th.

So what do you think? How will this impact RSL over the next few weeks? Who could be making their way into the US camp?

UPDATES: Will could play a pivotal role in Canada's Gold Cup action as they are evaluating their younger players for the next World Cup cycle in 2 years. They will be playing an exhibition on the 30th which is why Will was called in so early. RSL argued that he should stay with RSL for this weekends match, but FIFA allowed for him to be called in as early as June 20th.

My thoughts on potential US call-up? Could be out of the following: Borchers, Russell, Wingert, Beckerman, or Findley. I was thinking Beckerman or Russell, but Borchers is a good possibility as well. Findley's injury might keep it out as an option, although he might play tomorrow. Could even be Beltran.