Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Practice Observations - Wed, June 3, 2009

I attended practice at Xango field today. Practice was closed to all but media due to some top secret activities going on. (I could tell you, but...)

Actually practice was just a series of 20 minute scrimmages against the Ogden Outlaws. Obviously the team needs to work out how to cover for the missing Beckerman and Morales. Fortunately it appears that Olave has escaped the long arm of the law for his elbow in the San Jose match. I'm not really sure that the secrecy was needed, as the options are pretty apparent - well, maybe. :)

Here are a few observations that I can report:
  • Javi and Kyle were nowhere to be seen.
  • The trialist actually looks pretty good. He played both centrally and right back. Good positional defense. Got up the flank a couple of times, but I didn't see him get off any crosses.
  • Joy and Horst appear to be getting back into shape. Both participated fully in the scrimmages.
  • Andy Williams (who was supposed to miss the Colorado game) came back early because it sounds like Marcia is doing better than expected in Seattle.
  • Mathis seemed to be very vocal and looked to be putting his experience to work out on the practice field more than I had seen previously.