Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Here are some additional tidbits about RSL U18's 3-3 draw against Espanyol courtesy of Elliot Fall, RSL Communications:

The team picked up a 3-3 draw vs. Espanyol this evening. We went down in the 36th minute on a Espanyol strike, equalized on an Adrian Saldana goal in the 48th minute, took the lead on a Danny Mwanga goal in the 52nd minute, gave up an equalizer in the 56th minute, went down in the 76th and finally equalized on another Saldana goal in the 83rd. It was quite the up and down affair, but a pretty impressive result against what I am told is the best youth team in Spain (I certainly can’t validate that with anything, but that’s what I’ve heard.)

One interesting note, there were scouts in attendance from Arsenal, Chelsea, Espanyol, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and Manchester City. A pretty impressive group to perform in front of...

One other note about the match: Adrian Saldana is a young player from Arizona who spent a week or more last summer with RSL's first team. He had been dominating at the youth level, but seemed lost in that environment. The RSL braintrust felt he needed some more experience at a level in-between the two which is why he has been with the Ogden Outlaws this season.