Thursday, May 28, 2009

Practice Observations: May 28, 2009

I was able to attend practice today. My main reason for attendingDSC_0173 was to talk to a few key people involved with the U-18 team that is headed to Madrid tomorrow. Look for a report on that either later tonight or tomorrow.

However, here are a couple of observations from practice:

  • Ian Joy is looking good. He is moving around really well, and I heard that he is “getting close”. I’ll try to find out more on that.
  • Chris Seitz is also looking pretty good. He was trying to avoid direct shots to the shoulder but was out there kickin it around pretty well.
  • Horst is also looking close to full strength.
  • The team was broken into groups during the entire practice – with defenders/midfielders at one end working with Robin Fraser, and attacking players and goalkeepers at the other working with Kreis.
  • The attacking players were working on receiving passes with their back to the goal and then either turning and shooting or distributing to the onrushing forwards.
  • The other end was working on switching the ball, and delivering crosses into the box.
  • Several humorous moments at the end of practice as the strikers (and Reynish) were playing a game where if you took a shot and were stopped by the keeper then you took the keepers place. If you then gave up a total of 4 goals while being keeper you were out of the game. Of course, Reynish won the game hands down. At the other end, Javi was doing his best Rimando impression as he stepped into the goal mouth and was diving from side-to-side trying to stop half volleys from Robbie Russell and headers from Olave.
  • Super-duper secret trialist in camp. He appears to be a midfielder, but possibly could play as a striker as well. I believe first name is Paul. I’ve learned not to get too worked up about these things. I may have a photo to pass along later. I’ll also see if I can find out anything more about him.