Saturday, April 4, 2009

Villarreal All-Star Opponent

Steve Goff is reporting that Villarreal is in the midst of negotiations with RSL to appear at this summers All-Star match. Here is his story on the subject:

The Insider has learned that financially troubled Valencia dropped out of the running to play in the MLS All-Star Game in Salt Lake City this summer and that Spanish La Liga rival Villarreal is now in negotiations with the league. However, there is apparently a dispute about who actually represents Villarreal's legal interests in playing in the All-Star Game. Awaiting further details.....
Note that I have heard for a couple of weeks now that the issue has something to do with international TV rights (i.e. $$$). That seems to make more sense than "who actually represents Villarreal's legal interests". Who knows?

Also when I have inquired about a timeline of when they expect this to get done I keep hearing "January 31st". Since this has been going on for a while I would assume that something will need to get done or they will move on to another option. I don't see them going into May without an ASG opponent announced.