Thursday, April 16, 2009

Roster Spots and Acquisitions

Acquisitions are nice. The recent announcement of Kyle Davies being assigned to RSL through a weighted lottery is a good thing for the club. The announced return of Fabian Espindola is a good thing for the club. However, these moves require some creativity on the part of the club to maintain roster and salary cap compliance.

In order to accomodate Kyle Davies look for RSL to move a current senior roster player, most likely Raphael Cox, down to the open developmental spot that the team has. This is possible because of pre-negotiated terms in certain players contracts allowing them to be re-assigned to a developmental spot.

As for Espindola, there will not need to be an adjustment made until he actually arrives and passes his physical. I believe that his arrival will require a player to be cut, traded or loaned out. So when you read this - "Lagerwey also confirmed that, as the roster stands currently, RSL won't have to make any cuts to accommodate the players," - read it very literally. Cuts may not be required, but another type of roster move may be. My guess is that Garth is logging lots of calls to USL-1 clubs right now trying to find a taker for a young player to join them on a loan arrangement this season.