Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Letter from Jason Kreis: A Call to Arms

Season ticket holders received this message today from RSL head coach Jason Kreis. Thoughts?

RSL Season Ticket Holders,

Belief. Passion. Desire. Determination. Commitment. Sacrifice. These are the core values inside the Real Salt Lake locker room, the values upon which our success will be built, descriptions of the character we demand from every individual that walks through those doors. Nothing but the utmost adherence to these tenets is tolerated.

On the eve of our 2009 home opener – against the defending MLS Cup champion Columbus Crew – I take the unprecedented step of asking you, our fans, to help us establish the most dominant home-field advantage in Major League Soccer. The electricity in Seattle last week was outstanding, but my mind and heart still revert to the unforgettable energy in the air last Fall when we opened Rio Tinto Stadium. Please click to relive that
feeling, as we, the RSL Coaches and Players, ask you to BE THERE tomorrow night.

Inside the locker room, our collective focus continues to hone us as a cohesive unit, for us to think and react at a quicker speed of play, for us to pressure our opponent, for us to compete as ONE – together. You, our fans, the best in MLS since day one, are part of that singular focus. You are part of our heartbeat. That each and every one of you share the same values – Belief, Passion, Desire, Determination, Commitment and Sacrifice – motivates every player, coach, and administrator in the RSL organization to forge ahead and redouble all efforts to emerge victorious. Please click to see the latest glimpse inside our locker room as we prepare for gameday.

You know my personal credo, "Fortune Favors the Bold." I believe this in my heart of hearts, and we ask you to be bold Thursday night and every game night at Rio Tinto Stadium. All of us – fans, players, coaches, supporters – everyone who grows the game of soccer, those who serve as the engine for the burgeoning soccer culture in the U.S. and specifically in Utah – should display this boldness proudly, and through the values stated above, fortune will shine brightest upon us.

Determinedly Yours,

Jason Kreis

Head Coach

Real Salt Lake