Saturday, April 18, 2009

Breaking News: Tonight's Starting Lineup

Keepin' it Real learned earlier today that Jamison Olave did not make the trip. David Horst will be filling in at center back. We were asked to sit on this info until lineups were released prior to game time.

This decision was two-fold: 1) with Olave's physical style of play this is being done out of precaution to ensure that he doesn't pick up an injury on the turf and; 2) Horst showed the most impressive improvement in preseason and has continued to impress in training. Although it was not mentioned, I assume that the fact that RSL is playing a less-than-lethal NYRB may have made this a good opportunity to get Horst some first team experience.

In addition to this, Robbie Russell will be starting at right back in place of Tony Beltran. This adds more experience along the backline and surrounding Horst.

So here is the projected lineup:






What are your thoughts on this development?